Friday, October 29, 2010

bit and run Volume Two, finale

I'll keep this short. We have finally reached the end of bit and run Volume Two. This has been a journey for me, over this year with these two volumes of comics (Volume One and Volume Two) It's been a release, an exercise in color and shapes and humor. I've found what I was looking for with bit and run. I've throughly enjoyed my time with these comics and I'm pleased to think that they might have give you a smile as well. To close the comics I again wanted to do something different to make the ending, the "finale" of sorts, feel special and this time it's with a comic that has a slightly different tone. Like countless others, I love the Zelda series. I love it for many reasons but one that stands out to me is this -- beyond the adventure, beyond the puzzles is the subtle assertion that good will overcome evil. It might be a little silly to feel so serious about a game but that simple idea is central to what makes the story of Zelda work and that's not silly at all. I love it.

I hope this won't be the last time we let our powers combine. Take care,

* * *


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Jamin said...


Jeremy S said...

just beautiful... Your gift is making every image have an untold history. A complete story that we only see a small part of, while being aware that there is richness in the history behind it. When you do things with existing stories like Zelda, it makes the rich history of the franchise seem even bigger, like a tolkien series of which we have only read a few chapters of.

Will Kelly said...

Wow Cory, this is stunning. Just a beautiful story. I think my favorite frame is where the old men say "Almost his age, right here!". You really added a depth to the narrative which is hard to do. Thanks so much for sharing these with us, they have been awesome!


nicholas said...

I love this! What amazing story telling, color, and style. You certainly ended bit and run with a bang!

aintshakespeare said...

Love the comic. Very pretty and a great story.

Ryan Andrews said...

Cory this is beautiful. I wish Miyamoto could see this. You've taken the world of a game loved by millions and done a stunning job creating your own lore for it. Thanks for posting this!

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Mike Bonsteel said...


I was following the Bit and Run series pretty closely last year but missed this one (sad to say).

First of all, sorry to hear about your cat. Reading that before the comic really put it into perspective. Your summation of the Zelda series into an optimistic hope is beautiful, just like the artwork with which you expressed it. The last page, in particular, was poignant, touching, and cinematic, exactly the kind of finale that would serve for such a revered character and series.

Congrats on a great set of entertaining comics that, for me anyway, were remarkably relatable.


Mike Bonsteel

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